Tips to Prolong AC Life

Maintaining a clean, well-maintained, and debris-free AC unit inside and out will help to extend its lifespan. Some quick tips are to turn it off when you can tolerate the interior temperature, such as at night when the outside temperature drops, and avoid running it at too low of a temperature. Practicing all of these tips combined can prevent frequent AC repair in Bakersfield.

How to Extend the Life of an AC?

  • Utilize blinds and curtains
    Your home will keep more relaxed in the summer if your blinds are closed. Your AC won’t have to perform as hard as a consequence. Keeping them open in the winter, on the other hand, will assist in keeping your home warm. Somewhat of relying entirely on AC, you may use ceiling fans to assist in cooling your home.
  • Implement an intelligent thermostat.
    In California, there is the persistent use of ACs. Minimize the number of times your air conditioner in Bakersfield runs and decrease the strain it endures over time by installing a smart thermostat can help your AC unit last longer.
  • Routine filter replacement
    The health of your AC depends on you changing your filter regularly. Of course, the kind of filter you choose will determine how frequently you update yours. But it’s typical to replace the filter every 90 days or such.
  • Avoid overburdening your AC system.
    Set the correct temperature for your thermostat. How you manage your AC system will significantly impact how long it lasts. You’ll overwork your unit if you force it to sustain temperatures substantially different from the ambient temperature.
  • Receive yearly upkeep
    An air conditioner has a 10 to twelve-year lifespan on average, but with the proper maintenance, it can last longer. Most HVAC businesses offer homeowners an affordable service agreement for regular maintenance checkups.


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