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AC Repair in Bakersfield, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Few things sound more appealing than entering the comfort of an air-conditioned space on a hot Californian day. Nobody wants their AC to break down and leave them feeling hot and uncomfortable with an AC repair in Bakersfield on their hands that needs repair. 

AC Repair 

Nevertheless, you will need to prepare for such a situation by having the contact information of a reliable AC repair service provider.

Reasonable & Budget-Friendly AC Repair in Bakersfield

At MRV Service Air, we have been providing HVAC services since 2003.

We offer our services for rural, residential, light commercial, and commercial properties with many projects we specialize in—all of these services we offer at reasonable and budget-friendly prices. 

Furthermore, you get the best possible deal with plenty of promotional discounts and financing options. We always prioritize our customers’ needs and thus ensure that we remain honest and transparent during the transaction. We are always upfront about all costs; you never need to worry about any hidden charges sneaking up on you later. 

As one of the leading HVAC service providers in the area, we offer various cooling services in addition to AC replacement in Bakersfield, CA. The other heat services under the air conditioning section include the following.

Why Should You Choose Us For AC Repair?

  • Experience and expertise: The company is almost two decades old, and each team member has adequate specialized training and practical experience. Their experience and training enable them to provide a meticulous and efficient service.
  • Time management: Have an air conditioner that needs repair? Can hardly wait till it is back up and running again? We have got your back! Our team is known for its prompt response, and we will rescue you. We offer not only a quick response but also a time-efficient service. We will be in and out before you know it, and you will have cool air again.
  • Customer-first approach: Our topmost priority is and always has been the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We stand by you and offer complete support from the first consultation to annual maintenance and emergency repairs.
  • Pocket-friendly rates: We have determined our prices with a budget-friendly approach to ensure you can get the best possible results from your budget, however large it may be.

Other Air Conditioning Services:

At MRV Service Air, we also provide exceptional service for the following: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some sources say replacing an air conditioner compressor can range from $600 to $1200. However, this is the price when the replacement takes place in a unit with a warranty—replacing the compressor without a warranty costs between $1200 to $2400. A broken compressor can lead to problems like loud noises, reduced airflow, and more.

The average cost of an air conditioning repair in Bakersfield depends on how many hours it takes to fix the problem. The hourly rate for a standard AC repair ranges between $110 to $150. However, when the AC needs to be fixed as an emergency, the average hourly rate increases to around $140. The price can differ depending on the AC company but should be near the earlier prices.

A more recent feature found in ACs is their ability to dehumidify a room while running. While the system is functioning and blowing air into the room, the coil holding the refrigerant experiences condensation. Therefore, in air conditioning repair in Bakersfield, the water droplets falling from the coil are collected in a drainage system.

A typical AC service will include inspection, cleaning, and repair. AC technicians will usually inspect certain components like fans, evaporators, condenser units, thermostats, and more. If there are any discrepancies during this inspection, the technician will go about repairing it. Other components receive a simple cleaning to prevent future problems.

AC services should be done regularly to prevent significant damages that will result in air conditioning service in Bakersfield. Therefore, AC technicians recommend that AC services occur once every two months. This will help the AC last longer. To hire capable AC service technicians, consider contacting MRV Service Air Inc. by calling (661)-725-3400 or emailing [email protected].