4 Easy Air Conditioning Repair Tips For Homeowners

When it comes to air conditioners, it is best to leave them to the experts. But, some minor issues can be fixed easily at home with early detection and DIY tips. 

Before you call for AC repair in Bakersfield, you can try the tips mentioned below to resolve the issue on your own. 

Check if it’s a tripped breaker

One of the most common problems includes tripped breakers or a blown-out fuse. Check the power source to see if the power is switched on at the furnace or air handler. This will help in curbing unnecessary calls to air conditioning repair Bakersfield services.

After confirming that the system is receiving power, you can check if there is a tripped breaker behind the problem. You can reset the breaker or replace the fuse in this situation. 

Check the thermostat settings 

Often the thermostat hasn’t been set properly, causing the AC to malfunction. Check its settings and fix the issue by replacing the battery or examining the wire. 

Clean the air filter 

If the AC fails to do its primary job of cooling, very often, the reason behind it is clogged filters. Switch off power to the system and then clean the filter. In case it’s very dirty, you can even consider replacing it with a new one. 

Defrost the coils 

Examine if the AC’s coils have a layer of ice on them. In case of ice formation, turn the power and fan on to defrost the coils. Dirty condensate drains can also add to AC malfunctioning. Clean them for a quick fix to your AC woes.

Beware of the signs 

Unusual noises, smells, poor cooling, and a surge in electricity bills can be common signs of AC malfunction. When you see these signs, it is good to think of DIY repairs to your AC. 

Schedule maintenance check-ups 

Maintenance check-ups act as an effective check to machine lags and faulty components. These maintenance programs carry out a thorough check to ensure that all air conditioner parts are running smoothly. 

Clear the outside unit 

Airflow can be reduced due to the build-up of leaves and dirt outside the air conditioner unit. You can give it a DIY clean-up to resolve the issue. But, first, cut off the power to the unit. Then clean the unit by using a garden hose to wash out the dust and debris gently. 

Examine the condenser unit’s fan 

Examine the fan placed on the outside condenser unit and check if it’s in bad shape. In case of any cracks or chips, replace the blade for improved performance. The fan blades are important to ensure optimum cooling by the air conditioner. 

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