When Does My AC Unit Need Coolant?

When does my AC unit need a coolant? The question sounds strange because out of the numerous reasons one needs air conditioning repair, running out of coolant might be the rarest. Forming the very core of an air conditioning system, coolant is a substance that absorbs heat from the room, dumps it outside, and supplies cool air inside. As this chemical works in a loop, it is unlikely for it to decrease or disappear. However, it is not entirely impossible. So, if your AC unit exhibits worrisome signs like the following, look out for a glitch in the matrix!
  • It doesn’t cool the room anymore:

    An air conditioner has one job, and when it fails to do even that, you must call in for repair. If your system runs for hours at a stretch but doesn’t deliver the coolness expected out of it, there is a fair chance that it lacks coolant. An air conditioner that is low on coolant can’t absorb as much heat from your room. Thus, no amount of time is enough to cool the space.
  • It makes your bills soar:

    An obvious consequence of the previous sign can be the system being heavy on your wallet. Devoid of the right amount of coolant, the unit multiplies its efforts to reach the desired temperature, but in vain. It just ends up consuming a lot more energy than it should. Offering the finest air conditioning repair in Bakersfield, we understand how essential it is for a unit to be energy efficient. So, we recommend you consult an expert when it starts pushing the figures upwards.
  • It puffs up your room with warm air:

    As the coolant is responsible for taking in heat and conducting it to an outlet, a deficit of the substance can mess up the air conditioner. Your system will not absorb enough heat per cycle, eventually causing the supply vents to blow out warmer air. This can also make the room muggy and humid.
  • It lets out hissing or bubbling noises

    : When you hear funny noises coming out from your air conditioner instead of your television, you know there’s something that needs attention. These sounds can indicate a leak. Whether the coolant escapes as a gas with a hissing sound or as liquid with a bubbling sound, the phenomenon of a leak can prove to be malignant for your air conditioning system. In such a scenario, your technician’s first step must be to fix the leak, no matter what. Adding a new coolant is secondary and, essentially, a one-time thing.
  •  It accumulates ice or frost:

    Low levels of coolant can give rise to the frosting of your AC’s exterior parts. A shortage of coolant affects its fundamental function of absorbing heat. With a decreased amount of heat flowing in, the evaporator coils freeze up and convert the coolant from gas to liquid. This liquid then condenses out as ice and frost outside the system. While a lack of coolant is one of the most probable reasons for frosting, others can also be. So, assess the problem with the help of experts.

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