Things You Can Do To Improve The Air Quality In Your Living Room

Poor air quality can give rise to several health problems. Hundreds of pollutants are lurking around your home, degrading your air quality. Dirt and pollutants can also impact your home appliances like the AC, for which you may need air conditioning service in Bakersfield.

Tips to improve indoor air quality.

  • Using vinyl and leather furniture
    Leather and vinyl absorb fewer pollutants such as dander, dust, and pollen and make a stylish and modern choice. In addition, having vinyl or leather furniture in your home can help you improve indoor air quality.

  • Avoid scented candles
    Candles are a source of smoke pollutants and aren’t good for your lungs. Candles use oxygen from the air to burn and disturb the respiratory systems. Moreover, the scents used in some candles can cause asthma attacks and allergies.

  • Call the experts
    It is the easiest thing to do. You can call a professional to get help whenever you doubt the indoor air quality of your home or need any service, such as AC repair in Bakersfield.

  • Use blinds and curtains
    Hanging blinds and curtains will reduce pollutants indoors, as it will create a barrier to the outside space that will act as a filter for dust and other particles.

  • Use washable rugs
    You should wash your rugs weekly. Regular washing will reduce the pollutants indoors even if you can’t see the dirt and dust.

  • Limit pillows
    Having more pillows means giving more opportunities for the pollutants to stick around. So, it is more reasonable to limit the number of pillows.

  • Use a certified air cleaner
    You can get certified asthma and allergy-friendly air cleaner to keep the air indoors clean.

To learn more about indoor air quality, contact us today at MRV Service Air. We offer a wide range of services, such as AC replacement in Bakersfield, CA, so you don’t have to go anywhere.