10 Signs Your AC Needs Repair or Replacement

No Cold Air Blowing From The Vents 

Reduced or low cooling can signify damaged evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks, condenser, etc. If your air conditioning systems use ducts, there may also be a possibility of a leak. 

Reduced Air Output 

Reduced fan speed or air output indicates trouble with the air handler. A malfunctioning blower motor is usually responsible for reduced air output. However, if your air filters are clogged, it may also reduce the air inlet to your AC unit, reducing the air outlet from your vents. 

Loud or Unknown Noise 

A loud or uncanny noise such as banging, screeching, rattling, etc., can indicate many problems within your air conditioning system. Loose fan blades, flimsy duct panels, condenser issues, evaporator coil issues, etc., can cause loud noises to become increasingly apparent with time. 

Thermostat Malfunction 

The thermostat is an integral part of any HVAC as it relays temperature and other weather control information to your appliance. Replacing an older thermostat is more viable than scheduling frequent air conditioning repairs in Bakersfield

Pungent Odors From Vents 

Pungent odors from an AC can be of various kinds and indicate a range of air conditioning defects. A sock-like smell usually indicates a clogged filter, a sweet, fruity smell indicates a freon leak, or a rotten egg smell may indicate a gas leak. Small repair should fix such issues, but an aging appliance may require a full-fledged replacement as its parts succumb to years of wear and tear. 

Frequent AC Breakdowns 

If your appliance keeps breaking down often within a stipulated period, it may be a sign that you need a more comprehensive AC service. To avoid expensive repairs over time, you may consider getting a tune-up service or a complete AC replacement in Bakersfield, CA

Humid Atmosphere 

An increase in humidity results from poorly functioning dehumidifiers of your AC. Without a properly functioning dehumidifier, your AC may cool the space but wouldn’t be able to remove the moisture making it difficult for the occupants to breathe.

The Exponential Rise in Energy Bills 

Rising energy bills also indicate a failing appliance. If your appliance has been in use for more than a decade, it may incur higher energy bills. Reduced efficiency is normal in old appliances, which can be improved by replacing a few parts or the appliance itself. 

AC repairs do not hold 

When internal components have suffered considerable wear and tear, AC services or repairs may not be able to restore their quality or efficiency.

Water Leaks Around the Air Conditioner 

A small air conditioner in Bakersfield should resolve a condensate leak issue, but repeated condensate repairs may be futile if a replacement becomes imminent. To schedule an AC repair or replacement, and heating repair Bakersfield get in touch with us today!