Winter for HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home

Homeowners must take necessary precautions to ensure their HVAC systems can withstand the severe winters. It’s easy to prepare your heating and air conditioning equipment for the cold weather with the help of your HVAC technician.

HVAC maintenance performed by a skilled and certified technician is essential. A technician with experience will inspect your furnace closely and have the tools and knowledge to fix small problems before they become more serious.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

The following types of HVAC maintenance tips will help you maintain your HVAC system effectively.

Keep your Air Filter Clean

Changing your air filter regularly is best to avoid most heating and air problems. You should change your filter every three months since most filters need to be replaced every three months when the seasons change.

Clean your Vents and Air Ducts

Have you ever noticed a burning smell if you haven’t turned on your heater in nearly a year? This odor can be prevented by dusting and cleaning your vents and ducts. This fall, consider getting your ducts cleaned by our professional for HVAC maintenance.

Check your Door Frames and Windows

Check your window and door frames for any cracks or holes that could allow hot air to escape before the cold winter months arrive. Inspecting your windows and doors may require replacing stripping, caulking gaps, and installing a door draft blocker.

Ready your Thermostat for the Winter

If you want to reduce energy costs and improve your HVAC unit’s performance, ensure your thermostat is set to a high enough indoor temperature when you switch from air conditioning to heat. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can program it to lower the indoor temperature while you are asleep and away from home. HVAC companies in Bakersfield, CA, recommend setting the thermostat at 67 degrees while the home is occupied and 55- 58 degrees when sleeping or while your home is unoccupied.

Get Maintenance Services

Professional maintenance is best performed in the spring and fall. You can rest easy understanding your system is ready for the challenges of the coming season by having a professional heating and air technician inspect it.

Check your Drainage

Make sure the soil around your foundation has yet to settle, creating pools of water. The simplest way to fill a low spot is with soil. After that, you should check the downspouts of your rain gutters. You should ensure that water is being moved away from your house. Downspout extenders may be needed if necessary. As the soil around the foundation freezes and thaws over the winter, saturated soil can cause real problems.

If you need a recommendation for your attic insulation or professional HVAC maintenance for your furnace, help is here for you.

Bottom Line

Schedule with the team at MRV Service Air Inc. Our HVAC technicians have years of experience serving the unique needs of families and their homes. Our comprehensive heating maintenance, heating repair in Bakersfield, and winter preparation services prevent premature system failures during the brutal winter. Contact us today at (661) 725-3400!