Why Should New Homeowners Schedule Service for Their AC?

Your AC is indispensable in summers, and neglecting it will leave you stranded with a broken system in the middle of the scorching summer. It is only when the system completely breaks down that we consider repairing it. 

This increases repairing costs, and you may even have to spend extra money on buying new parts. Thus new or old, it is important to schedule regular AC servicing for both homeowners. 

Isn’t Home inspection sufficient?

The answer is no. Any air conditioning service provider in Bakersfield will tell you so. Moving to a new house comes with its own set of responsibilities. Repairs, replacements, and improvements take up the major part of the year. It is important to keep your AC in mind while scheduling servicing for your different machines. 

Inspection companies visually examine the heating and air conditioning systems, but this cannot replace proper AC servicing. They check for critical issues and the age of the unit, but servicing involves much more.

Lubrication of moving parts, clean-up of filters, condensate drain, blower components, diagnostic check of the thermostat, and ensuring proper functioning of the unit. All these come under AC servicing, which isn’t available in a simple home inspection. 

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Prevents the problem from aggravating

Some minor issues don’t give any signs at first; hence it is difficult to detect a problem. But, with time, it becomes a huge concern that makes repairs and replacements costlier. For example, your drain pan may be rusted, but it won’t hamper the AC’s operation initially. 

Later, it can expand to greater proportions making the repair work more complicated and hence more costly. New Homeowners can search for AC service Bakersfield online to schedule servicing for their AC. Here are some reasons you might want to consider scheduling an AC servicing in your new house. 

Schedule early servicing

Moving to a new house can be challenging. With so much repair and replacement work due, you might forget to schedule a servicing in time, leaving you scrambling for any air conditioning service in Bakersfield in the summers. To avoid this last-minute rush, it is advised to schedule early, preferably during springtime. 

As a new homeowner, you can do some DIY cleaning yourself to keep your AC up and running for the summer. Filters, condenser fans, and evaporator drains are some components you can clean yourself if you do not wish to spend on services. But, this comes with its risks, and you might end up damaging any part during the process. 

When looking for the top Heating Services Bakersfield, CA, you should consider the following aspects of their service. They should have certified technicians, best-rated service, and experienced local contractors. 

Provision of financing options and ensuring employee welfare by not making them work on commission are other bonus points that make up a good AC repair service. 

Our wide range of services includes AC repair, installation, maintenance, and tune-up. Schedule an early AC servicing by calling at (661) 725-3400 today.