7 Ways to Avoid a Summer Air Conditioner Repair Emergency

Summer is when you rely on your air conditioner the most, so ensure it’s in good working order. Nobody wants to be stuck in the heat without an air conditioner, especially in Bakersfield, where temperatures can soar into the triple digits. With a few simple steps this summer, you can avoid an inconvenient and costly air conditioner repair in Bakersfield, CA.

Here are 7 ways to prevent an emergency air conditioner repair during the summer:

  • Schedule an annual air conditioning service:

A yearly air conditioning service is essential for preventing unexpected breakdowns and prolonging the life of your unit. Our technicians will clean and inspect your AC unit during an air conditioning service, check for worn or damaged parts, and make necessary repairs. It is imperative since the hot, dry climate can affect your air conditioner. MRV Service Air Inc. offers comprehensive air conditioning service in Bakersfield, CA. Call us to schedule your annual service today.

  • Replace your air filter regularly:

Your air conditioner’s air filter traps dirt, dust, and other contaminants before they enter your unit. When the air filter becomes clogged, it reduces airflow and makes your cooling unit work harder, resulting in higher energy bills and potential breakdowns. Depending on the filter type and the contaminant level in your home, you should replace your air filter every 1-3 months.

  • Keep your air conditioner clean:

In addition to changing your air filter regularly, it’s also essential to clean the outside of your air conditioner in Bakersfield, CA. Remove any debris, such as twigs and leaves, that could obstruct the unit’s airflow. It is best to clean the unit’s fins, which can become clogged with dirt and dust. To clean the fins, use a fin comb or gently spray them with a hose.

  • Invest in smart technology:

Smart thermostats make it easier to keep tabs on energy usage and adjust according to your preferences and usage. So you don’t have to experience any unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay your energy bill. On top of that, they work as part of the home’s automation system that allows control through remote access apps while away from home.

  • Don’t neglect strange noises or odors:

If you hear strange noises or notice unusual odors coming from your air conditioner, don’t ignore them. These could be signs of a potential problem and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. MRV Service Air Inc. offers air conditioning repair in Bakersfield and can help diagnose and fix any issues you may be experiencing with your unit.

  • Cut back on indoor sunlight:

Direct sunlight can raise the temperature of the rooms cooled by your AC unit, resulting in the system needing to work harder than necessary. You can reduce the load on your air conditioning unit and keep your energy bills from rising by closing curtains or blinds during the day. Additionally, this will help prevent costly repairs and breakdowns in the future.

  • Seal up air leaks:

An energy audit of your home or business can identify any gaps under doorways or around windows where cool air may be escaping. These leaks draw more energy than necessary and can also cause your system’s compressor to strain, possibly leading to costly breakdowns if not addressed in time. Sealing up these leaks will help keep cool air during the summertime heat and ensure that the AC unit runs efficiently without overworking itself. Contact the professional at MRV Service Air Inc. for air conditioning services in Bakersfield, CA, and enjoy the cool and comfortable climate during the summer months.

These seven tips can help prevent an emergency air conditioner repair in the summer. However, if you experience a breakdown, don’t hesitate to contact MRV Service Air Inc for air conditioning repair in Bakersfield, CA, and surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians can help you get your air conditioner back up and running quickly. We also swiftly handle necessary maintenance duties while providing expert advice on topics like whole-house fan installation, ductwork repair services & more!

Contact MRV Service Air Inc professionals to learn more about our air conditioning repair services in Bakersfield, CA, and surrounding areas.