The Ultimate Guide To Summer AC Maintenance

Getting the AC maintenance done is an essential step while preparing for the upcoming summer. It will ensure that your AC is in good shape and you will have a comfortable stay in your home. Keep reading to know more about the maintenance tips for your air conditioner in Bakersfield.

Importance of AC maintenance.

If your air conditioner breaks down, you might have to pay a large sum to get an AC repair in Bakersfield. However, it will also ensure that your unit runs efficiently and smoothly. With regular maintenance, you can:

  • Reduce the number of pollutants indoors.
  • Get the best cooling and comfort.
  • Reduce energy consumption.

Tips for AC maintenance this summer.

  • Change the filters
    When your filter gets dirty or clogged, it will affect the airflow through your unit. In addition, it will lead to an inefficient unit recirculating dirt and dust in your home. Thus you should always check your filter, and if you find it dirty, clean it or replace it.

  • Clean the condenser coils
    The condenser unit is a large box made of metal and is present outside your home. Over time the dirt, debris, and leaves can accumulate in the unit and clog the unit’s coils. You can get a hose with a special nozzle to clear the dirt and debris.

  • Check the ductwork
    Check your AC ductwork regularly and ensure that it is properly sealed. Otherwise, it will only result in cool air escaping before entering your home, and your unit will have to work harder than usual.

  • Adjust the thermostat
    Set your thermostat to a higher temperature when no one is at home. It will extend your unit’s lifespan and reduce your energy bills.


If you need any help regarding AC maintenance or other services, such as AC replacement in Bakersfield, CA, contact us at MRV Service Air today and get the best quality service for all your needs.