Common Air Conditioning Problems

The fluctuating temperatures are not a big hassle, thanks to the invention and existence of Air Conditioners. But, repairs are expensive, and it reduces the lifespan of the Air Conditioner significantly. Therefore, understanding what these problems are might help take sufficient precautions against them.

Ten Common Problems – A/C Components

The usual culprits causing HVAC system issues are its components.

Clogged Air Filter

The debris and dust particles present in the air get accumulated on the air filter, leading to the clogging of the pores on the air filter surface. As a result, the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning unit decreases. This problem also affects the quality of cold air exiting the HVAC system. Therefore, air filters are subjected to regular cleaning and replacement to avoid further damages.


The temperature regulator of the HVAC system, the thermostat, can be affected by over-usage and less maintenance. It should be cleaned and calibrated occasionally.

Coolant Leakage

Refrigerants or coolants are the substances that absorb the heat from the external hot air and allow for its cooling. The pipeline carrying these liquids can be cracked or corroded, causing the refrigerant to leak. Occasional maintenance check-ups will help identify the locations of the leak.


This component facilitates the propulsion of the coolant through the coils allowing for the absorption of heat and transfer of cold temperature to the air. If there is damage to the compressor due to good-old wear and tear, the cooling reduces, and the compressor starts to heat up.

A/C noises

There are different noises that you can observe in a malfunctioning air conditioning unit: clicking, buzzing, bubbling, hissing, screeching, etc. These noises indicate component problems, and paying attention to these noises can be valuable in identifying the issues in advance.

Evaporator Coil

When there is insufficient air intake, the evaporator coils tend to freeze and form blocks. It can be due to the inefficient filters or fans in the A/C unit that minimize the airflow for the best AC repair in Bakersfield,

Condenser Coil

These are prone to more dirt elements as they are placed exteriorly near the compressor. They need to be cleansed with water occasionally, but sometimes chemical cleaning is required.

Electrical Issues

Electrical components like breakers and fuse wires are precautions for the A/C unit and help them in case of fluctuations in power supply. The motors like that of the blower fan and the condenser are connected via a contactor. A problem in the contactor due to corrosion or wear, might disrupt the connection and prevent the circuit from being switched on.

Water leakage from A/C

Water can leak from the indoor unit, which might be due to clogged condensate drains or damaged condensate pumps. Maintenance is necessary in such cases.

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A/C Fans

Outdoor A/C units have a propelling fan which, if malfunctioning, can cause problems of inefficiency, improper heat transfer, overheated compressor, and damage to electrical components.

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